Saanichton, BC

Dr. Miguel A. Lipka

Dr. Miguel A. Lipka

Dr. Miguel A. Lipka, Locum Services

If you are in need of a Locum for your medical practice, I am available to assist you. I provide Locum services in the Greater Victoria region of British Columbia.

I am available to do Locums in:

- Family Practice
- ER work in Victoria
- Surgical Assists

I do not perform obstetric locum services.

For my current availability, please contact me at my home number at (250) 727-0174 or on my cell phone at (250) 516-1123.

If you are a member of the Victoria Medical Society, you can also view my availability on the Locum Availability Calendar in the member's area of the VMS website.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Hours of Operation

The regular hours of operation are:

Varied, depending on the practice that I am working in.

Appointments are handled through the various clinics that I do locum work at. If you are in need of locum services at your medical practice, please contact me at the phone numbers listed. Thank you.

To find out where we are located see our contact page.

Contact Information

Saanich Peninsula Hospital
2166 Mount Newton Cross Road
Saanichton, BC, Canada
V8M 2B2

Phone: (250) 727-0174
Fax: (250) 727-0184

Locum Availability Listed At:

The Victoria Medical Society Website